Random: Recognizing the Pain

Relaxing evening with a little beer and KTV-ing, always help to start a good weekend.
And while we might sing our heart, soul and probably lungs out, old memories and pain often surface after being buried under months or years of ‘conveniently forgotten moments’ archive.

I would say, it’s not all bad.
For it helps one to recognize the pain others are going through, empathize and could come up with a better way to help. It does finally make sense, for what happens happened for a reason and that’s to help others.

Too positive?
Too glorified?
Too unbelievable and somewhat nonsensical to logical people?

Yeah it probably is.

But how else could I justify heartaches and shit-ass moments, if it’s not a lesson to be learnt and to help others along the way?
At least the growing up part worked, seemed more like a fun and logical explanation and some good did came out of those ridiculous moments.

No harm making myself or others feel better, right? πŸ™‚

Recognizing the pain, be it yours or others, is just the first step.
It will be a uphill battle, to get pass the suffering / agony / humiliation / anger / shame / fear / hurt / mistrust or anything that’s causing grief. But once you are able to cast how others see you, how you see yourself and focus purely on being happier, it’ll get easier.

One baby step at a time…



Well if this post makes totally no sense to you, it probably is… too senseless or illogical.
Let’s just conveniently blame it on the chilled bottled item i had – beer.

Heh πŸ˜›