Thoughts: Recap of 2012

Since it’s the last day of 2012 and hours away from 2013…
It’s only fitting that I do a recap of 2012, in my own strange way – the good, bad and normal moments.

Let’s start with overall look of 2012…

The bad moments:

– Unfortunate number of natural disasters, lost of lives and livelihood for many…
– Unnecessary amount of political issues, over power, money and other silly stuff…
– Interesting increase of issues / hoo-haas for local news, e.g. scandals, social or race issues, deaths, politics and day to day transportation…

The normal / expected moments:

– Increasing prices for almost everything
– Awareness on politics for general public
– Usage of social media for almost everything, e.g. advertising, sharing of news to search for missing people, awareness for once-in-a-blue-moon crippled transportation and etc
– More brands pushing new gadgets with minimum tweaks, nearly halving its predecessors lifespan.

The good moments:

– The world did not end on 21st Dec 2012, be it at 12:12 or after 6pm (no idea why some told me after 6pm, so I’m just listing it here).
– Even with all the natural disasters, political unrest, threats, increasing and alarming rate of global warming and everything else… Life goes on but with more awareness and willingness to make changes. At least we read about people around the world, working together to make changes, be in for a change in gun regulations or personal rights… not forgetting more reuse, reduce & recycling.

To sum it up…
Not a fantastic year worldwide but there will always be those who will care enough to make a difference.
May it be the same for 2013 or better, with more peaceful and proper changes (no unrest, if possible) to make the world better.


And for my personal recap in summarized form…
I would say, 2012 has been good to me.

At least I feel that God has been kind and nicer to me, for this 2nd half of the year.

An initial rough start but it help me grow emotionally and see those around me clearer.
Made a couple of friends, gotten closer with some and dropped unwanted ones.
Warm and happy moments, for friends who got hitched and invited 🙂

Learnt to look at life in a simpler way, enjoying it a little more and picked up new interests.
Met my special someone, who’d got me to take more shots and/or my DSLR out.
And received a couple more opportunities from local PR teams.

Thank you all, for putting up with my quirks and senselessness…

And for making 2012 a good year 🙂
May 2013 be a great one for all.