Thoughts: Happy 2013 & Resolution

Happy 2013 to everyone šŸ™‚

Well, enjoyed the last moments of 2012 watching The Avengers, with bf, friends and kitties… and we welcomed 2013, half way thru the movie with the annual countdown show / 8mins of fireworks, on TV.

Sidetracking with a photo of one of their furry darlings:


It was a nice and simple gathering, chatting and laughing over silly stuff.

Simple but good fun šŸ™‚


And now for my resolution(s)…

I’m setting this for 2013:
– Enjoy each waking moment, do stuff or be there for those i care for.

It might be easy to achieve but i tend to side track when distracted, neglecting stuff as simple as this.

So… I’m making it my main goal. Not sweating the small stuff and making time for those that matters, while going along with what God has planned.

Low expectation, work hard and everything else good, is a bonus šŸ™‚