Thoughts: on Asus Padfone 2

A smart phone and tablet in one.
Pretty good deal, doesn’t it sound? šŸ™‚

I would list it with the usual smart phone players, for its internal hardware is pretty much the norm these days but…
A couple of weeks with it, it prove to be amazing and fun to have (which my colleagues agreed with me, reason to be listed below).

I’m not gonna give you the specifications here but i’ll list down all the related sites shortly in the post.


Here’s my ‘Likes’,  ‘Dislikes’ and ‘Not tested’, on the Asus Padfone 2:


  • It’s 4.7″ screen size, still comfortable to hold / grip and light for a guy or lady.
  • Its swirly back cover, nice to touch and never a fingerprint magnet.
  • Consecutive 6 photos taken when you press; hold the camera button, good for taking moving objects or people (kids especially).
  • Add on camera features, e.g. processing filters / beautification, panorama, HDR, macro and etc functions, prove to be very useful for the snap-away users!Macro function was amazing, with sufficient lighting. You could see fine details on your subject and is definitely on par or better than some compact cameras in market. E.g my first test photo… (listed below)And the beautification function, my colleagues and i had a fun time playing with it; you could slim your face down a little to a lot, turn your eyes into anime style size, add blush in different tones and get flawless skin on it.It may seem silly to some but i feel it will appeal to those who’d like to do self portraits or the fashionistas, for a daily photo look without too much makeup.Low light panorama was awesome too, it does a better photo stitch than my iPhone 4s and the lighting was close to actual.In short, inbuilt camera function / editor is great and sufficient for users to do basic and fun editing.For those who required more, having the Android Snapseed app would be helpful.
  • Clarity and bright videos and photos makes viewing a pleasure.
  • SuperNote, recognizing hand writing and word strokes for details input.
  • Smooth and fast response from OS / phone.
  • Fast link up during Padfone 2 slot in to docking station and turns tablet mode, providing a larger view screen for photos or entertainment.
  • Great battery life and good smart battery saving mode, allows conservation of battery and it could last me at least 3 days, without the data or apps running.


  • It takes a bit of practice, to learn how to take a screenshot on Padfone 2.
    You’d need to activate the settings and hold the “Recent Views / Apps” button (right button) and press + hold the screen to take one.
  • The docking system is pretty much useless without the Padfone 2 and you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s fully charged or half charged.
    You’d only see the battery life after you dock the Padfone 2.
  • When docked on to the docking station and charging at the same time, at times it doesn’t seem like the phone is being charged at the same time.Instead, only the docking station reflect the increase in battery.
    I would need to select the right configuration for the docking station, for it to transfer its battery life over to Padfone 2 (aka charge the phone).
  • You’d need to switch / turn / toggle between camera modes on the tablet, if you intend to take landscape or portraits.
    It doesn’t auto rotate, which I still can’t figure out why.
  • Fixed storage size.The set that was generously loaned to me, has 32GB fixed storage space.I doubt you guys would be as crazy as me, to find that 32GB is little… but…
    For the amount of stuff or junk i have in my phone, it really doesn’t seem enough.I’m 3/4 way to maxing out my iPhone 4s storage space and it’s a 64GB model, with 80percent photos (since Day 1), 10percent songs and 10percent applications.
  • Though not a major issue, I just can’t seem to find 3rd party casing for it.
    Not that it’s prone to slipping but I’d feel more at ease with one and a more unique one (not the usual accessories).

Not tested:

  • LTE ability.
    Since I’m not on a 4G plan yet, I can”t say if it’s great or not. So I’ll leave it to you guys to enlighten me on that.
  • NFC.
    No chances to test it and see if it truly works. No enough NFC stuff in Singapore for me to try… at least I don’t see it.


Asus covered almost all the grounds for a smartphone and giving it a slightly more advantage with the docking system.
I’m impressed with its inbuilt camera ability and editing capabilities, smooth and fast OS and interface…

I wouldn’t mind getting the Asus Padfone 2 but only without the docking station. It could be due to the fact that i have an iPad 2 and/or because it can’t work without the Padfone 2 at all. That being said, is my current gear preference.

But for an overall consumer view, it would be a good smartphone to have if you would like a 2-in-1 gadget, both phone and tablet.
Great for home entertainment and reading, will definitely amaze the kids or ladies with its camera and weight šŸ™‚

A coworker seemed interested to get it as a replacement to his now-dead iPad, after trying the Padfone 2 and docking station, after 20mins play.



And here are some photos and screenshots with the Asus Padfone 2:

– Macro mode

– Edited with inbuilt editor

– Sharpen and flipped with editor, normal mode

– Panorama

– Max digital zoom with normal mode

– Beautification mode (i look darn silly in this, with the smooth skin and pink blush… it amuses me whenever i see this! :D)

– Vivid mode

– Landscape mode

– Front camera shot

– Front camera, portrait in lowlight and backlight

– Screenshot of video


The Asus Padfone 2 is available at all Asus authorized dealers and exclusive to Starhub (telco).

Recommended Retail Price (RRP) in Open Channels 32GB 64GB
PadFone 2 + PadFone 2 Station S$1,099 S$1,239
PadFone 2 S$848 S$988
PadFone 2 Station S$328 S$328

Thoughts- on Asus Padfone 2 - [ XinYun @ SG ]

Other details:
– Padfone 2: Specifications
Online Manual (i find this more useful than the usual hardcopies / booklets)
Starhub deals (available since Nov 2012 and in 32GB only)


And much thanks to Asus and PR team for loaning me a set šŸ˜€