News: BlackBerry App storefront, now known as BlackBerry World

RIM has renamed its BlackBerry App store, from BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World.

The BlackBerry World storefront, offers a sleek experience that lets customers discover incredible apps to personalize their BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet, so they can kick back with some of the hottest entertainment and social networking apps around. When they’re in work mode, they can find great new ways to get access to the information they want and need, and boost their productivity.

It all starts on the home screen, where the carousel shows off what’s new and exciting.

Apps and games have their own channels, and each one offers up a wide range of categories.

Customers can scope out top lists, as well as new arrivals. And if they find a cool new app? They’re able to share it with their friends over BBM, Facebook and Twitter or simply tap their smartphones together and invite them to download it.

Visit BlackBerry World and check it out today!


I would think the new layout and search page would make it easier for BB users.
Well, I don’t own a BB (yet) but I can see why and how useful it is, after talking to friends who’d use it for work or personal use.


Details provided by BlackBerry and PR team.