Thoughts: Capture, Share and Discover with Flickr iOS App

With an ever growing number of mobile users and mobile photography…

Users on the iPhones or Android built mobiles, would always welcome mobile apps that allows quick & painless photo creative editing, easy upload and sharing of photos with friends & family or fans.
And great if it includes / share EXIF details of photos, for those who are serious in photography to share their knowledge…

With that said, the redesigned Yahoo! Flickr iOS app is able to give you all that.

Flickr iOS on App Store

– User’s Photostream / Activity page (mine, if you are wondering)


– View of interesting / nearby photos selected by Flickr.

– This would be the camera / shooting mode.
Users are able to  snap with this as a basic camera, without needing to bring it down to size or crop it (like… instagram).
As for the icons (left to right), Flash / Front Camera / Close camera mode / Grid / Zoom in and out / Select from existing phone album / Shoot.

– 16 filters available, for users to play with and choose from.

– users can easily create or add a new set (or album) during photo uploading.

– as you can see, here are my current sets (albums) for Flickr account.

– photo information screen for each photo, you could expand the arrows below.
for more details, e.g. EXIF.

– Clicking the Edit button, allows users to change all the selections available (as above).

– As for the Settings page, you could do as shown.
Choosing what to show to each groups, change the uploaded photo size, location privacy or sharing EXIF details… and more.

– And of course, choose which other social media platforms to share your photos.


Personal feel on it:

I like it, have been playing with it whenever i can.

Well, i think it will take some time to grow in users but hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.
Especially when Yahoo! is also allowing Google and Facebook users to just sign up with their accounts, without needing to create a specific email account with them.

To me, that’s simply fast sync / link up.

It’s definitely a great alternative if you mind the recent changes to Instagram (mobile app) and Twitter.
Creative common license / regulations on Flickr, helps serious photographers to showcase their work without worrying about misuse or scary amount of ripping off without permission.

On a side note, feel free to add me or critic my photos, I haven’t been shooting and is getting rustier by the day… >.<


If you want a nice alternative for mobile photo editing while retaining certain rights to your photos and learning from fellow photographers or photo enthusiasts,  do give Flickr app a shoot.
They have it for Android OS as well but with a slightly different look (i know, because i installed it on my Sony Xperia P for a comparison).


Much thanks to Yahoo! for inviting us to their Flickr app launch and sharing the changes on it.
And spending time chatting with us, to know what our concerns and questions.

And to the PR team, for the invitation and details 🙂