Thoughts: Logitech K310, the Washable Keyboard.

Thanks to Logitech and their PR team, I’ve been using the Logitech K310 review unit, for nearly a month now (plus /minus a couple of days which was my CNY trip).

Plug it in and it’s ready to go.
And being the office butter finger, it didn’t take long before i got my chance to test its washable functions.
Thankfully what i spilled, was not damaging.

A quick rinse, few wipes with a towel and 30mins under the fan to dry (my scaredy cat way to ensure it’s really dry)…
Effortless cleaning and works like a charm.


– Simple design with cleaning steps & brush on the back of the keyboard, for easy reference.
– Comfortable spacing between keys and its white keys, which users can easily tell when it’s in need of a rinse or washing and easy to dry.
– Washable keyboard (doh!), great for those who’d often accidentally spill their drinks or work in a somewhat dusty environment.
– Quiet keys, which made my colleagues wondered if i was typing at all, heh.
– Affordable pricing, at SGD$59.00


– Limited height for keyboard. Probably a design consideration for less wrist aches but I would prefer a more elevated keyboard, if possible.


It’s a nice product to have, seeing how we users tend to have much dust and dirt stuck in the keyboard.
Nothing like a good cleaning for desk hygience.

Like I’ve said, I’m quite the butter finger and this keyboard, makes life a lot easier…
Great to have a set in the office or at home… (my colleague got it for home use, after a test of the review unit) 😛

That being said…
I probably should get one after i return the review unit… hehe~
Hmm… maybe during IT Show 😀