News: Simcity available in stores and on

If you have yet to hear about it and is a SIM fan / addict like me…
Knowing now that the latest version is out, will definitely be an ‘OMG! Awesome!’ moment 🙂

After a 10-year hiatus and more than 23 years of inspiring and entertaining gamers, the king of city builders is back! Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced that SimCity™ is now available on PC at retail stores and for digital download via Winner of
26 PC best of show awards in 2012 and lauded in over 50 Most Anticipated of 2013 lists, the beloved city-building simulator is back with the series creators at Maxis™ and it’s delivering the most immersive and personal SimCity experience ever, where players can create and destroy the cities of their imaginations.

SimCity is available on and other participating retailers.

Prices as followed:
– LIMITED EDITION – S$64.90 (Heroes & Villains set)
– DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION – S$81.90 (Heroes & Villains, French, German and British set)

SimCity for Mac, will be out a little later.
Well spring of 2013, maybe in a few weeks time? 😛


Damn it EA, you sure know what we want…

This is really tempting… >.<
I mussssstt resist, since I’m already playing RO…

But… but…
It’s always fun to build an entire city from scratch and … destroying it, for the fun and laughter…

… right?

(don’t smirk, you guys do it too… admit it :P) 

Hmmm hmm…