Video: Xperia Z, dunked.

After seeing fellow tech bloggers did the Xperia Z dunking test, to prove that it really is water resistant…
I requested for the review set (received the white set), to do just the same.

Well, seeing + doing = believing.

And here you have it, the 30sec dunk test video:

The Sony Xperia Z is able to stay up to 1m water, for 30mins.
It’s does function while in water, e.g. scrolling through the menu.

If you are intend to pick up a call and chat while swimming, you can try…
But I don’t think you can hear anything with water sploshing away and you’d end up standing still to continue the call.



Achievement unlocked – Dunked a smartphone! 😀

Thanks to my adorable colleagues and boss, for helping out and allowing it to happen~
A detailed thoughts / review on the Xperia Z, in a couple of days… ^^,