Thoughts: on Logitech UE 4000 Headphones

The Logitech UE 4000 headphones, was one of the few review products generously loaned to me, for a month 🙂

It comes in 3 colors – black, white & purple, and retailing at S$159.00.

Due to an unexpected issue, I was able to try out both black and white sets, instead of just one.

Lucky me, heh.
But between the two, i prefer the black.


Here are my ‘Likes’ & ‘Dislikes’ on it…


  • decent sound quality, no over-bass and does well with acoustic music / songs.
  • sturdy but very comfortable design and ear pads
  • stylish and a little eye catching, got a few stares or looks or queries on it 😛
  • compatible with Apple products, able to control volume, change to next track and pick up calls with inbuilt mic
  • travel case, to slot it in when not in use


  • incompatible with Android phones, for volume control, track changing and inbuilt mic (note: not a major issue, just that my Android mobile happened to be my mp3 player.)


Hopefully there’ll be an UE headphone model that is fully compatible with Android phones.
The purple set will look good with my purple Xperia Z, hehehe!

For its price, the UE 4000 is surprisingly great for easy listening while comfortable for long usage and not taxing on the wallet.
A better alternative / quality, compared to some in the same price range or those overprice.

If you are interested to get one, it would be available in most major stores (e.g Challenger).