Thoughts: on SimCity (2013)

SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4 and now SimCity (5 or 2013)…
That’s all the SimCity games i’ve played 🙂


The SimCity i knew, had changed quite interestingly, thanks to EA and its developers.
Featuring full 3D graphics (basically went ‘WOW’ when i first tried it), social – online multiplayer gameplay (didn’t get to try it yet, waiting for more friends to pick it up), the new Glassbox engine, as well as many other changes…

Biggest and most obvious change:
No offline mode.



– The pretty 3D graphics
(simply – i like!)

– Logical and ‘real life’ like scenarios
(e.g. the budget issue, lack of transportation, traffic issue, road congestion, education… etc.)

– ‘The Sims’ like interaction for scenarios
(e.g. clicking on the interaction bubbles, to see / listen to what your people needs)

– Feature for joint game / world with friends
(for commodities trading / growth and city visiting)

– Detailed data for budgeting, city specializing and strategizing
(helluva data… scary…)

– Heroes and Villains scenario
(After several map restarting, i’m almost done with villain-fying my city but no scenario for heroes yet. I’m guessing that i have to fully villain-fied it before heroes come along. More on it later, if i managed to get the villains to infest my city :P)


– No offline mode
(It’s definitely a significant change and takes a lot of getting used to. it proves to be a slight issue, when you aren’t in a joint game with friends or you just want to play it alone)

– Server connectivity issue
(Most would have heard, it was almost impossible to log into game during the first few days but it’s better now with more servers in place. Just that players will still receive the ‘disconnected from server indicator’ from time to time, while in game. It doesn’t affect your city while in game or building, the game will constantly check and reconnect itself to the server, just that your save point might be a little inconsistent)

– Unable to off the in game trainers
(You’d need to replay it whenever you join a new server for the first time. Could be just me but I can’t seem to find the off or skip button for it and end up replaying the trainers 4times… zzz)

– No preset cities
(None for me to load and randomly destroy… darn :/)

After not playing SimCity for a while, it does renew the thrill of playing ‘God’ or Mayor in your own digital city / world / realm, without referring to available guides online.
It really isn’t hard to fall in love, with a game or that idea of perfecting something and making it work 🙂

Of course, with the current server connectivity issues, it does dampen the gaming urge and anger some fans.

But like most games, e.g. MMORPG or any new launches, it’ll need some time for the system to settle or developers to make adjustment.
I’m sure EA and its developers are doing their best to make their ‘baby’ perfect.

So… please keep your fire torches and pitchforks first and give them a little more time, to do the necessary 😛

Side note:
There’s a petition going on, requesting EA to bring back popular features from SimCity 4 and single player mode, putting them into SimCity (2013).

Will it go as petitioned or requested?
Let’s wait and see.

(Digital download) Origin.comS$64.90 & S$81.90


Thanks EA, and PR team for the game play 🙂

Hope things will get better in the next couple of weeks 🙂