Travel: Houtong / Cat Village (猫村)

It’s no surprise that I’ll jump at the chance to visit Houtong, when it’s advertised mostly as 猫村 / Cat Village of Taiwan.

Getting there is rather easy, with reliable taiwan train services. Just hop on to HSR / TRA (at Taipei Main Station) with the Easycard or purchase from the counter and get off at Houtong station.

Once you get there, you’d be welcomed by various handiwork around the station… And of course, the station assistant and ‘welcoming community’ aka cats 🙂

And here are some photos of the lovely place:





There are more but i will need some time to sort through and post 🙂

Oh, do remember…

There’s a pressed penny machine for the pressed penny lovers, in 3 design 🙂

The souvenir stamps will be placed on a table opposite the cat life souvenir shop. And if you are lucky, the friendly sleepy kitty will be lying next to it 🙂