Thoughts: on 24 to 29 March’s Taiwan trip

A little busy (or lazy) to do the continual daily post, so here’s the summarized one.

As the date stated, it was a short (or 5.5 days) trip.
My virgin trip to Formosa (that’s what it was known formerly), hanging out mainly in Taipei area, which is famous for its amazing street food, sights and buzz.

And basically a tiring one, since we were shuttling from places to places on reliable public transport, trying to see so much at a go.

We covered some sights, a few hits and misses with the food (not all areas have good street food) and experienced a somewhat exciting buzz (the 6.1 earthquake).

I did see the few places I requested, eg. Cat café and Cat Village in Houtong, which made me very happy. Mom got to see her Sakura or cherry blossoms after much search. As for Dad, he planned the whole itinerary and got us places to places… 😛

Didn’t get to go up the Taipei 101, due to fog / rain.

Scared myself silly for 15min when I boarded the glass ferris wheel cabin at Miramar by myself… but managed to conquer that. (If you don’t know by now, I have slight height phobia.)

Food wise, I was rather disappointed by the general street food, it didn’t impressed me.

The stinky / smelly tofu I had near the apartment was good, 50 NT or around 2.50 SGD for a good portion and the entire fried squid at Tam Sui Night Market was good and cheap, 100 NT or around 4 SGD.

And well…
Dining at a cat café proved exceptionally challenging, with kitties attempting to catnap your food (the horror! Hehe!).

As for bubble tea shops’ drinks, the most basic drink taste better than ours (Sorry to our local merchants but theirs really taste much better. Perhaps it was due to the choice of tea leaf and supply the Taiwan shops had).

I did want to try their Sushi Express but didn’t get the chance.
But we managed to check out a few others, e.g. Addiction Aquatic Development and Shaburi, which served amazingly fresh and quality Japanese food with great service at a price (between 20 – 50 SGD per pax), of course. Do expect a crowd / queue, as it really is popular with the locals too. Not forgetting dimsum and even seafood were pretty awesome!

As for the earthquake, it happened in the morning around 10am while we were still getting ready to head out for dim sum. In Taipei, the scale record was just a 2 but it swayed with more strength when I compared it to Indonesia’s. Boyfriend said, perhaps a delayed effect from Indonesia to Singapore.

I was pretty much amused by the swaying and jokingly asked if we needed to evacuate at all.
But the locals weren’t overly concerned, didn’t rush for safety or anything, so we didn’t and went about with our day as they did.

We did watched the follow up news and it was pretty bad in other areas.

As for the rest of the stuff:
– Loved the cooling weather, 16 – 20 degree.
– Exceptionally reliable public transportation and EasyCard (like our EZlink or HK’s Octopus Card).
– Stable 3G connection and free WiFi from govt buildings
– Generally nice and friendly Taiwanese, very helpful with directions and information.
– Still confused by the multiple train lines… o.O”

I would definitely plan another trip there, a less hectic one, with the parents or boyfriend and friends soon, if possible. Hope by then, I’ll get to go up Taipei 101 and spend more time exploring Houtong.

That is, if I can save enough, after huge saving depletion by upcoming trips and hopefully big purchase 😛

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: on 24 to 29 March’s Taiwan trip

  1. Dining in a cat cafe? U kidding, right? Nice sharing! I was also hit by an earthquake when I was in Tokyo recently, scale of 7.5!!

    1. nope, wasn’t kidding 🙂
      it really was dead challenging, with at least 5 cats eyeing your food… even when it’s fried food.

      wow, that must have been scary but thank goodness you are alright 🙂

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