Random: Topic for recent weeks, property

These couple of weeks had been rather interesting, especially during break time.
All on the constant talks on property, e.g. HDB Singapore, housing policies, EC, DBSS, BTO and renovation.

I wasn’t as involved in such topics a couple of years back, when older friends were getting married and having kids, as compared to recent months.

All thanks to colleagues and close friends who are getting or planning for their new homes and their special day.

Hmm… Pretty much an inevitable topic / phrase young adults here have to go through, especially during marriageable age… *hurhur*

The bf and I had been discussing this for a while too…
And well, taking part in balloting… 😛

For it, I’ve been reading up on past and recent regulations and policies, which are packed with technical terms and complex calculations, giving me a major headache.
Not forgetting the need to analyze the meaning of the terms… *groan*

Okay but to be fair…
They did do up some simplified guides, in layman terms, after feedback from public…
But seeing how regulations are regularly changed, it does seem tough (and almost impossible) for them to keep it simplified and up-to-date.


Luckily, there are several local websites on properties we can refer to…
For housing news and updates, before and after regulation changes, even pricing and renovation estimations.

Those are really very helpful data/stuff… 🙂
I guess they know how some (aka me) would feel with those technical terms and clueless on the calculation or what to look for… heh.


Seeing how the pricey BTO, Resale and DBSS can be / are, rather unsure if we could afford a place of our own while having to compete with growing no. of fellow applicants.

Oh well…
Guess the only way to go, is plan further, save more and ballot till we get it.

Wish us luck 🙂