News: LG 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TV – LA8600

Couple of weeks back, LG presented its latest lineup of 3D Smart TV, for premium entertainment experience for its consumers.

From its top of the line, the LG LA 8600 –> to its affordable range, the LG LN5710…
LG aims to provide the ultimate entertainment experience, from daily TV program viewing to gaming, for all ages.


And here…

We have the LG LA 8600, the sleek looking full feature 3D Smart TV model from LG’s 2013 range.


Key features of LA8600 (noticed / tried on various LG TVs that day):

– Dual Play

For those who love to do console gaming, no longer is there a need for split screen on TV.
With the Dual Play, users / players are able to view and game in full screen view, while on the Dual Play Glasses.

Note: It’s works a little like the 3D glasses but each player, will only see its own character / avatar color. Thus no distraction / confusing or even ‘peeking’ from the other player.

– Entertainment Content: 3D World, K-Pop Zone, Game World and LG Smart World

All these content are available on LG Smart TV’s Home Dashboard.
From 3D videos and movies, a K-Pop channel for die-hard fans to a good range of apps on LG’s own application store.

Note: For a moment, I was unsure what to view or try first. It does provide a good range of home entertainment, without the need for DVD / BluRay purchase or a PC / laptop.

– Time Machine II (latest version from LG – with up to 4Gb internal memory and expandable with external HDD drive, of up to 2TB)

Built-in recording function, that would allow you to schedule and record TV programs (or while watching another channel or Blu-ray).
And it comes with 2 TV tuner, you don’t have to keep your channel locked while recording.

You could even do a LIVE playback, if you missed a moment while recording your current program on the external HDD.

Note: I checked with them on the external HDD bit. The recommended max HDD space is 2TB but if you want to go higher, it’s possible but likely slower while doing file search.

– LG TV Tag On

Utilizing Near Field Communication technology, which is found on latest range of smartphones, LG TV users are able to share photos, videos and movies between their smart phone and TV.
What’s required, is the NFC sticker and LG TV Tag On app (available for Android users w/NFC phones, downloadable on Google Play Store) and you’ll be able to tap and share effortlessly.

Note: Tried it with LG smartphone and another brand on one of the many LG Smart TV shown that day, it worked well and effortless to link up but require some practice / figuring out (not used to using a LG mobile).

– Magic Remote (w/voice search and gesture)

Just by pressing the microphone button on the simplified and classy looking remote (shown above) and saying keywords, the LG Smart TV will feature suggestive search phrases and search through WWW for relevant content (e.g. apps, videos, webpages and more).

And by pressing down & holding the center button, users will be able to write or draw patterns for channel change (e.g. writing number 8 and the search bar will display available channels with the number 8, if you have cable tv).

Note: I’m impressed by the simplified remote, making channel surfing less tedious, and with less need to memorize what each button does. And my parents, the older generation, seemed to like the idea of a less complicated but all rounder remote control. (I wonder, does it come with rechargeable batteries?)

– Motion Control

And of course, the most tested feature for the night…
The ability to switch on / off the TV, change channels, turn down volume with the use of hand gesture.

Note: Though it does require some practice and you can’t have too many hands waving / gesturing. I like it, a good feature especially when I can’t find the remote or just not willing to move from my seat.


For a full feature Smart TV, like the LG LA8600, its recommended retail price as followed:
– 60 inch: S$6,699
– 55 inch: S$4,899

As for the rest of the range, LN5710 to LA7400 (42″ to 60″), the recommended retail price would be:
– from S$1,099 to S$5,299

I’m impressed with the latest features from LG’s Smart TV range and it would be nice to have the all rounder LA8600, as a living room entertainment piece.
No need for a desktop but just hook the TV up with internet connection…. 😀

But let’s see what the other half says, when the time comes 🙂


Sincere thanks to LG and PR team for the showcase invite.