Contest: Scoot SG Challenge – World’s Longest Virtual Flight

To commemorate their first year anniversary of commercial flights, Scoot is sharing their special day with their Singapore supporters!

And what better than a challenge…
Allowing you to win S$20,000 in cash and S$30,000 in travel vouchers?!

(Shucks, i wannnnnt… >.<)


I kid you, not.

Screenshots / details as followed:

Registration cut off:
– 4th June 1500hr (3pm)

Challenge start date:
– 4th June 2100hr (9pm)

Challenge end time:
– 5th June 1300hr (1pm) or till a winner is determined

Registration link:
– Scoot Challenge Form

A 16 hours continuous tapping endurance game, with some changes in difficulty along the way… 🙂

You would have a choice, to do the tapping / clicking on mobile or on your PC / desktop.

Registrations are for the first 10,000 fan of Scoot Singapore (Note: Singapore residents and above 18 years old)
And for selected 200 contestants, you will get the chance to enjoy a free movie marathon at GV City Square, win some extra goodies while playing the challenge!
(Note: Invites with details will be sent out by Scoot)


For those who are wondering – why 16 hours and not any longer / shorter?

Scoot’s Singapore maiden flight was to Sydney and time required to get there, is 8 hours.

A two way trip will take 16 hours, thus the 16 hours challenge.

Perhaps a good reference for the challenge, would be the Subaru challenge. Less hours required and not as strenuous, since you don’t need to stand or have to endure unpredictable weather.

Just a continuous and consistent effort, on the comfort of your seat / bed / wherever you are.


If you feel that it’s easy as pie and you can easily outlast the rest, go register now on FlyScoot Facebook Page –> Scoot Challenge Form!


Sigh, I can’t participate… cos I’m out of leave / off days.
Would be nice to win extra travel vouchers and redeem for more trips… 😛

But it’s okay, I shall continue to look forward to the Scoot flight to Sydney, in August… heh!

Oh… I’ll drop by on day of event, to check out the challenge and cheer everyone on.
If I don’t get to meet or wish you, here’s a best of luck first! 😀


An early ‘Happy First Year / Birthday’  to Scoot Singapore 🙂