News: ‘Fi Fie Fo Fum’ Scooted off The World’s Longest Virtual Flight with S$20k cash and a year of free flights

5 June 2013, Singapore – Scoot, LCC of the Year1, had concluded the World’s LongestVirtual Flight this afternoon at 15:45. Mohammed Firdaus Bin Ismani, 29, outlasted more than 2,000 other contenders to win the grand prize.
Scoot’s CEO Campbell Wilson and members of the Scoot team were on hand to present Firdaus with the winners’ cheque for $20,000 and a certificate entitling him to a years’ worthof Scoot return tickets to any Scoot destination.

An exuberant Firdaus attributed his win to “perseverance and coffee”.
The contest was designed to celebrate the first anniversary of Scoot’s route to Sydney, Australia. However, a hardware failure prevented some participants from boarding. Addressing the issue, Scoot’s CEO, Campbell Wilson said, “At this stage, it appears that the problem was a server load balancing hardware failure. We are conducting a full investigation and will update the Scoot community as we learn more.”

“We understand the frustration that this has caused, and we are determined to solve the technical issues so all our registered participants can get a fair go,” continued Wilson. “Once the hardware issue is fixed, and the application thoroughly tested to ensure stability, we will email all original registrants so they can take another crack at the $20,000 and a year’s worth of flights.

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I was at City Square Mall, checking out the event / challenge (didn’t register for the challenge, in case you guys wonder) and saw participants having similar issues, like everyone else at home. The support team tried their best to assist and fix but somehow when it comes to hardware or server issues, it would always take more time to fix… and usually not just a few hours kind of thing.

All that’s said, for any contest and challenge, there are bound to be some unforeseen and sudden issues.  But the good part about it, is their willingness to solve the issue asap and let everyone have another go with at the S$20,000 and a year free flight.

Perhaps just give them the benefit of doubt and chance to fix it and see how it goes from there.