News: SingTel’s ‘Catch Dee Kosh If You Can’: The Final Countdown – #Fastest4GSpeed

Like my previous post on the ‘Catch Dee Kosh If You Can’ challenge, SingTel is giving away a cash prize for those who managed to ‘catch’ / find Dee Kosh.

Final Countdown

For this second half of the challenge, on 6th and 7th June, they have doubled the cash prize to S$1,000!
But of course, a slight addition to the game rule (as shown in photo)…

That is…
You, as a SingTel subscriber, will now have to physically find 987 DJ and YouTube personality Dee Kosh, with the clues posted on @SingTel ‘s Twitter page.

Think you can find him with the clues?
Do it so now and win the cash money 😀