PCShow2013: SkullCandy – Promotional Deals

Promotional deals / items by SkullCandy, for PC Show 2013:

Flyer for SkullCandy –> Dropbox

1) Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds
– Available in: Pink

A legacy in the Skullcandy family of products, the Smokin Buds have always had a reputation for turning heads. The conical shaped housing stays busy delivering a pure audio experience, while you stay busy keeping the posers at bay. What’s more, you can use the in-line mic to stay in touch with your people or simply switch up the tunes. Might as well turn things up — the Smokin’ Buds a quality sound that only gets better as it gets louder.

– In-line mic – Control your device with our one button mic/remote
– Silicone gel tips – interchangeable sizes for a custom fit
–  In-ear

IT Show Price: S$24.00
Usual price: $44.90


2) Skullcandy Hesh
– Available in: Paul Frank Devil Julius

With 50mm high explosive drivers, the Skullcandy Hesh is locked and loaded to pummel your sense with pulverizing panoramic sound. You’ve been warned!

– 50mm speaker drivers – power and dynamic range for crisp sound at any volume
– Soft leather-touch ear pillows – supreme comfort for extended wearability
– Lifetime Warranty

IT Show Price: $79.00
Usual price: S$108.90


3) Skullcandy Ink’d
– Available in: Paul Frank (Pink), Paul Frank (Black)

Within the smoothly sculpted housing lives Skullcandy’s quality sound, a pure audio experience for every genre. Use the in-line Mic1 to plan tonight’s maneuvers or switch up the soundtrack. Bragging style, connectivity, and Supreme Sound, the Ink’d is a remix worth hearing for yourself.

– In-line mic – control your device with our one button mic/remote
– Silicone gel tips – interchangeable sizes for a custom fit
– In-ear

IT Show Price: S$24.90
Usual price: $39.90


4) Skullcandy Uprock
– Available in: Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Navy, Pink/Black

The Uprock is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. This on-ear beauty fits close to the head, providing a low profile look, while delivering a pure audio experience for every genre of music. Use our in-line Mic1 to round up the usual suspects, or to switch up the track at your cranium-based block party. All housed in a sleek design and boasting an audio experience that easily burns the competition, the Uprock is where urban-heritage meets Supreme Sound.

– Mic1 – control your device with our one button mic/remote
– Ladder headband – fully adjustable headband fits the shape of your head
– Dual layer ear pillows – double the padding for double the comfort
– On-ear – headphone sits comfortably on your ear for a low profile fit
IT Show Price: S$34.90
Usual price: $56.90