Photos: Duan Wu Jie & Rice Dumplings

For those who have not heard of Duan Wu Jie / Dragon Boat Festival, there’s a detailed write up on it on Wikipedia, with various versions of the festival.

Not sure if many remember how the best known story goes, but to sum it up:
– Rice dumplings were created and thrown into the river by villagers / admirers of the poet, to feed the fishes so as to prevent them from eating the wrongly accused, despaired and dead poet’s body.

Over time, dumplings were not thrown again, perhaps due to wastage of food or littering.
I’m not sure if they created symbolic replacements for it…

But the rice dumplings made its way onto our table, as a meal or snack…
With extremely exotic and creative ingredients, over the last decade or so.


Here’s my share of yummy home made dumplings, from bf’s mom:

(Red Bean Rice Dumpling, unsweeten version)

(from last week – Meat Dumpling, pork belly + dried scallops + salted egg, yummy!)


Would you be having dumplings later? 🙂

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