News: SK Planet launches Pickat in Singapore

13 June 2013 – SK Planet, a subsidiary of South Korea’s largest Telecommunications company SK Telecom, has announced the launch of Pickat in Singapore. This marks the first global market presence of the social, location-based mobile application outside of South Korea.

And if you wonder what Pickat is about:
– It’s a new social location-based mobile application (available on iOS and Android), allows users to discover, create and share places of interests with friends and followers of similar interests.

Main features of Pickat, include:
Picks: A Pick is created when a place of interest and a theme is combined to share information about both a place and the interesting quality about the place.
– Place of Interest (POI): A place of interest is a physical location in Singapore. It can be a restaurant or a tourist attraction or a fashion retail store.
– Themes: A theme is a tagline or review to describe a Place of Interest. Multiple POIs can be grouped into the same theme. This feature allows users to subjectively filter their experiences by grouping all POIs together within the same group and allow friends and community to access the information. For example, themes can be as simple as “Light Lunches” to more specific ones such as “Romantic First Dates” or “Restaurants with Craft Beer”. Users can connect with other Pickat users or their themes to find out about their discoveries (“Picks”), or connect via your social networks to see what your friends have been discovering.
– Top Picker: A Top Picker is a power user who frequents many POIs and provides reviews, recommendations and experiences in the form of themes.

Launching first in Singapore, there will be a coupon feature which updates users on the latest available location-based deals such as discounts and freebies. Additionally, the coupon function also enables users to enjoy special discounts from Pickat’s partner merchants.

Pickat is available now, free for download for iOS and Android users

Link – iTunes

Link – Google Play

Link – Pickat SG FaceBook Page



Downloaded and spent 10mins playing with the app.
So far so good, I like the clean layout and easy navigating side bar.
What I see on main screen are more food related (I supposed it’s because we locals love good food more than anything, heh.) and it has included a few of our local food bloggers’ recommendations and posts for consideration.

Oh, and users are able to create their own themes and input their own favourites.
I’ll probably try it again later tonight, when I need dinner suggestion 😛

Like a localized and personalized FB-like mobile network, for those who are constantly connected and on the go.

Add on:
– Collect your free Yakun drink with the in app coupon (for Pickat SG users)
– Pickat SG has collaborated with All Deals Asia.
If the area you are currently at consist of ADA clients and/or their branches, the app will show you the available deals and you’ll be directed to ADA website for coupon purchase.