Thoughts: Record high PSI in SG

We thought yesterday night’s PSI of 321 (19th June 2013), was supposed to be the highest ever.
Who would have known it would hit a new high today (20th June 2013), at a record of 371.

Screenshot as at 1.25pm from NEA website.

Aside from coughing non-stop and trying to prevent having lung problems, I don’t really know what to expect from this.


For those who have yet to get their masks, be it N95 or surgical masks, just get them.
If you can’t find them in usual pharmacies, try checking nicely with other sources e.g. neighborhood shops and all, some do have them.

Better to wear one than suffer from all immense amount of dust / ash /soot and falling sick.

Same goes for kids / children, ensure they wear them and minimize outdoor activities.

As for those who are constantly outdoor due to work requirement, please remember to wear your mask, rest whenever possible and drink more water.
And also drive safely.

Stay safe, please.

Post update (as at 5pm):
CNA article – Subsidized GP cost for selected groups, for haze related illnesses

Post update (21st June 2013):
CNA article – PSI new high at 400


As for what was said yesterday in the interview or MP address to the situation…

We heard and read our Govt’s plan on working with our neighbours, work around to seed for rain and fixing this issue…

I’m not siding any side nor going to bash the solutions.
Whatever answers given sounds and probably are obvious answers but honestly, having read up various articles on forest fires and how they control them from around the world, those are probably the only few solutions within abilities without affecting ties.

But I wonder, as much as they try, having talks and assisting, can such situations be truly eradicated?

I personally feel… only when our ‘neighbour’ or neighbouring countries no longer have trees or stuff to burn, then there might be a change in situation.
But chances are, it will always be a on-going / persisting issue…
Unless the demand of services / products cease to exist for good.

But sadly, even if these companies stopped, others might rise to the occasion and demand/need, thus repeating the whole process.

So really…
Is there truly a solution to such a problem?

I wonder…