Photos: Food shots for this week

Dined out a couple times this week but didn’t get much shots.

Especially during Tuesday’s farewell lunch for Edward at DTF. We tried a lot of dishes but wasn’t in much mood to snap photos. But we do have some group shots, so still good.

Here are some from yesterday night, after our window shopping at Sony and the home made lunch from today:



Mixed bento (or Ju) and fresh oyster sushi from Sakae Sushi.

Decent bento but salmon sashimi was a little too thinly cut. But the fresh oyster sushi, retained a slight sea taste and was good.


Napoletana with Barilla pasta & sauce.

I noticed…
With the Barilla sauce, the dish tasted very different… compared to other canned or bottled sauces, there was a stronger herb smell, taste was stronger but better / yummy.

I should use minced beef and add in chicken stock for the remaining sauce, should be different. Hmm…