Random: Weekend Baking

Close friend commented, that the bf and i, have a love for baking.
Well, we aren’t in love with baking… but having a table top oven sitting there unused, helps trigger the urge to try 😛

Baking / cooking happens to be the type of lesson, with endless possibilities and yummy results, be it from scratch (with recipe from books or online) or a premix (Betty Crocker mix).

It entertained us endless, with the different results due to the funny oven, e.g under bake / over cooked / charred / perfect.

Here are the baking collage, top – brownies, bottom – blueberry muffins, done by bf:

The double chocolate brownies came out great, heartened by colleagues’ feedback that it was nice.

As for the blueberry muffins…
They were done, raised to the top of the paper cup but didn’t ‘brown’ or turn golden in color for the top layer. Taste wise, decent and not too sweet.

Guess more trial and error required for muffins and cupcakes.

Maybe we should try baking banana cake next 😀
*off to read up on that*

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