Food: Dinner @ Gurney Drive

Nope, we didn’t drive all the way to George Town, Penang for dinner.

But after trying supposed Penang food at Gurney Drive in Causeway Point, I just might ask the bf if we could head there for a weekend food trip, just for a taste comparison.


We finally had our ‘ex colleagues and boss’ gathering at Causeway Point and chose Gurney Drive, at level 5.

No photos of the restaurant but i’m sure you can find some online. It is/was simply casual dining restaurant and the setting would be, what you’d imagine if you were in George Town or by a street stall.

Service was prompt and the staff were friendly.

As for choices / menu, it seemed weird to see the dishes repeated on different pages, even if it was to be under a different title (e.g chef recommendation or main dishes).

A tad confusing for some but not a big issue.

Food wise, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Their assam curry fish head (though only half the head) was nicely cooked, fish head was fresh and meaty. I like the curry, strong enough and not watery.

Down side – the ladyfingers were a tad hard or old… but the dish is/was good for two or more (small eaters) to share.



– SGD$22.90, serves 2.

The fried ‘lala’ (clams), I was told by friends, is/was on almost all diners’ tables when they dined there a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘lala’, fried with onions and sweet spicy sauces, goes well a plate of steamed white rice. Only down side, one of the lala (clam) wasn’t fresh and didn’t leave a pleasant after taste.



– SGD7.90 (per order)

Oh, there were two orders of noodles soup – crayfish noodle soup and prawn noodle soup. I didn’t get a taste of them but my friends loved it.

– Crayfish noodle soup (SGD10.90 / per order)

In all, for a four pax meal, it cost around 66sgd, including 3 drink orders.

And well, to grade the food…
I would based on how much I enjoyed their curry fish head…

I would give it a 7 out of 10.

I feel it’s worth going back for a 2nd visit and I do want / hope to leave enough room, to try their black rice dessert with durian paste.

So… Let’s see if I’ll be able to coax some friends to go with me soon 😀