Event: Singapore HeritageFest 2013 – Memories For Tomorrow

Into its 10th year, the Singapore HeritageFest 2013 continues to celebrate the diversity and richness of our cultural heritage.

With the theme of Memories for Tomorrow, the Singapore HeritageFest 2013 is meant to be a platform for Singaporeans to share our personal and collective memories together even as we are a diverse community of many races and cultures… – quoted from SHF2013 foreword

SHF2013 is co-organized by National Heritage Board and various partners from community groups, cultural associations and heritage enthusiasts.

Based on SHF 2013 guide, memories to be created / shared through performances, crafts, exhibitions and even games.

Singapore HeritageFest 2013

SHF 2013 – Festival Guide


What an interesting lineup they are having this year, so many things to see, do and learn from…

Definitely good entertainment and learning experience for the kids, especially those traditional performances and magic shows.

I’m looking forward to the craft courses, trails and exhibitions…
Pretty sure that would cover the weekend plans 😛



Just thought I should share this.
It’s good to look back and remember the good old days of Singapore, retain our traditions while striving forward to our future.