Photo: Sony NWZ-W273 Headphones

New test unit received, the NWZ-W273 from Sony.

Retail price – S$129.00


First impression – easy to use and lightweight.

Adding new songs, just drag and drop into music folder and you are all set.

Sound quality, decent for an in-ear headphones and comfortable to wear. I kept checking / feeling the wires, just to make sure it was still there.

Down side, requires main dock / charger for file transfer and charging… which I left in office.

More on it soon and hopefully I’ll get to bring it for a swim (for a waterproof test) some time next weekend.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Sony NWZ-W273 Headphones

    1. Can, with a press of the button.
      It’s on one of the ear piece but not sure if it can do shuffle.

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