News: Launch of Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600

18 July 2013 – Logitech introduced the Logitech® Bluetooth Speakers Z600, an elegantly designed pair of wireless stereo speakers that complement the sleek good looks of Mac® and Ultrabook™ computers. With these speakers you can effortlessly stream music and other audio from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Three devices can be active at the same time (computer / smartphone / tablet) and switching among them is as simple as pressing pause on one and play on another.

Key Features

· Beautiful design: The speaker system features gentle curves, a premium fabric finish and a choice of two contemporary colors that add a graceful note to any living space.
· Bluetooth wireless: Up to eight devices can be paired with the speakers, with up to three active at the same time.
· Easy switching: Switching among devices is as easy as pressing pause on one and pressing play on another.
· High-performance audio: These speakers deliver clear, room-filling sound. With 3 drivers in each speaker, this system is engineered to provide superior acoustics for any space.
· Touch volume control: The top panel of the right speaker is a smooth, responsive touch surface. Simply glide a finger around the edge to dial the volume up or down. The other controls – power, Bluetooth connect and 3.5mm input – are hidden discreetly in back.
· Lay-flat cable: Specially designed, lay-flat cables run between the speakers and the power adapter, so there’s never an unsightly tangle of wires on your desk, table or counter top.

Works With:

· Any Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device
· Any device with USB audio-out
· Any device with 3.5mm audio output


· 2-year limited hardware warranty

Recommended Retail Price:
· SGD$219.00 (available from mid August 2013 onwards)


Seems like Logitech is focusing more on audio products lately and from what i see, all mobile phone pairing friendly.

The Z600’s features would likely do great for the tech savvy users / family, who would want sleek design and audio connectivity for all their products.
With up to 10 meters of Bluetooth connectivity, good for work or listening pleasures at home.



For more details, head on over to Logitech Singapore’s page –> Logitech

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