News: Sony Portable Wireless Server (PWS WG-C10) available in Singapore

Sony announced its latest consumer product, the Portable Wireless Server (PWS) that allows up to eight users to wirelessly view, share and store content from their smartphones wherever they are, while doubling up as a battery charger, card reader/writer and an additional storage device for photos, videos, music files and office documents.

With a wireless connection, users can transfer content to and from their smartphones via the PWS, and serves as an especially convenient option for consumers using smartphones that don’t have a memory card slot.

The PWS is able to connect several devices via Wi-Fi at one time, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously share and playback same (or different) content.

The PWS also functions as a back-up power source for smartphones or digital cameras.

You can use the PWS for up to 10 hours of continuous MP3 playback.
All controls are managed by the smartphone or tablet through the “PWS Manager” App (available at Google Play or App Store).



Model WG-C10
Wireless Standard : IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)Frequency [channel] : 2412 MHz – 2462 MHz [CH1 – 11]
Interface USB 2.0 A port (Hi-Speed USB)USB 2.0 microB port (Hi-Speed USB)Memory Card Slot (“Memory Stick Duo”, “SD Card”)
USB output (A Port) DC 5V, 500mA (Max.)
USB input (microB Port) DC 5V, 1A (Max.)
Usage time Approx. 10 hours for MP3 playback
Dimensions Approx. 50(W) x 105(H) x 18.5(D) mm(2 in. x 4 1/4 in. x 3/4 in.) protruding parts not included
Mass Approx. 135g (4.76 oz)
Supported OS Android 2.3.3Android 4.0 or lateriOS 5.0 or later

Windows® 8

Windows® 7 SP1 or later

Windows Vista® SP2 or later

Windows® XP SP3 or later

Mac OS® X10.6 or later

The Portable Wireless Server, model WG-C10, will be available at all Sony Stores and Sony Centres in Singapore, from 5th August 2013 onwards.

Built in battery (Lithium Ion Battery) with 2210mAh juice for WG-C10 model (as confirmed with PR and referred to Sony US page).
That means 01 or almost full charge, for Android phones and iPhone.

Suggested retail price – S$129.00 (including GST.)

Details as shared by Sony Singapore and PR team.


Great for those who need to work on-the-go and to share documents with various tech gadgets they own, or with co-workers or friends.
And still be able to charge their gadgets on-the-go.

When I read the press release, I can only think of one word – awesome!

I can soooooooo see myself using it during long trips and for photo sharing.

Well, kinda too late for upcoming trip, not gonna add this to birthday wishlist.
But I can always put this into my Xmas wishlist, right?

Hehee~ 😀

6 thoughts on “News: Sony Portable Wireless Server (PWS WG-C10) available in Singapore

  1. The thing must still connect to an upstream provider right? So when you’re traveling or mobile, where will it grab the internet connection?

    Unless it just behaves like a hub and only networks the 8 devices to share among each other (and its on-board storage).

    1. Depends on what you intend to use it for.

      It works more as a portable data router for immediate multi gadgets data transfer and access.
      But if you require it to work similar to a MiFi, you would have to hook it up to LAN or Wireless connection or mobile, to broadcast connection to 8 other gadgets.
      More for those who aren’t linking up everything with MAC addresses or to share with co-workers or at meetings.

      But it would definitely be even better, if it is made as a MiFi (with a sim card slot).

  2. Any idea if this will work with external HDD ? What are the file system currently supported ?

    1. Based on the notes I received and those available on Sony US & UK , it will work with external HDD and USB flash drive.

      As for the file formats, it should work fine with commonly used data / documents, media formats in terms of copying to new source (sd card or hdd or pc).

      Hope this helps.

        1. Well, for those formatting info and details, we don’t have the necessary information to answer but I think you could check with Sony SG directly.

          Hope that helps.

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