News: Don the National Day colours with Skullcandy (2013)

Singapore celebrates its 48th birthday this year and Skullcandy is marking the occasion with some red and white aural goodies! What better way to show your love for the nation this August by donning the national colours, with Skullcandy earphones or headphones, while getting some accessories to suit your daily needs?


1) Crusher – RRP: S$165.90

What happens when two drivers are stacked on each other? The result is a sound so powerful and explosive you’ll be utterly blown away. The antithesis of boom-y bass, the Crusher’s punchy bass will reverberate in your head without drowning out the vocals, mid-tones and highs – delivering a pure audio experience for every genre. Putting on something more soothing? Easily switch the subwoofer off with the slide of a button. Supreme Sound never felt this good 🙂

2) Navigator – RRP: S$165.90

The Navigator is an evolution of an already perfect concept. Featuring our custom styled drivers and highest grade materials, this on-ear piece drives the audio experience you’ve come to expect in an even smaller and sleeker (if possible) package. Using our in-line remote with microphone (fully compatible with iOS devices), confirm your plans for the night, or switch up the track for something a little more Bond-esque. With a style as sharp and fresh as your own, and the high-performance quality sound you demand, you might consider making the Navigator a more permanent part of your look.

3) The Fix – RRP: S$109.90

The problem is, ear buds fall out. Here at Skullcandy, we have simply fixed that problem. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the ear canal, the Fix has been industrially designed to stay put. Give them a run (literally) and you’ll find that this in-ear bud doesn’t budge. Instead, it’s busy delivering a pure audio experience for every genre. Use our in-line remote with microphone to check with Siri on your pace, or click to change the tune. The Fix promises two things: secure fit and quality sound.

4) Hesh 2 – RRP: S$108.90

In what might be seen as a radical uprising, the new Hesh 2 has arrived as an innovative upgrade from its iconic predecessor. The new aesthetic is both sleek and simplified, while the conical over-ear housing drives an even more powerful sound. Hesh 2 builds a pure audio experience for any genre of music – though we recommend one that’s congruent with rebellion. Use the in-line remote with
microphone to connect with your cohorts, or to switch up the track. Proving that even the rebellious evolve, the Hesh 2 is a more intense sound with the usual antics.

5) 50/50 – RRP: S$67.90

The 50/50 is like that dude that pulled a Nollie Big Heel in a button up – you don’t know what’s more impressive, his performance or his style. Its sleek finish with chrome detailing make this in-ear bud a low-profile beauty. Use the in-line remote with microphone (fully compatible with iOS devices) to let the group know which park you’re at, or cue up some galvanizing tunes. True to its hybrid nature, the 50/50 is both connectivity and a pure audio experience for the masses.

6) Uprock – RRP: S$56.90

The Uprock is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. This onear beauty fits close to the head, providing a low profile look, while delivering a pure audio experience for every genre of music. Use our in-line remote with microphone to round up the usual suspects, or to switch up the track at your cranium-based block party. All housed in a sleek design and boasting an audio experience that easily burns the competition, the Uprock is where urban-heritage meets quality sound.


Details as shared by Skullcandy and PR team.


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