Thoughts: on Sony NWZ-273 (Pink)

A couple of weeks ago, I received the Sony NWZ-273 review unit for trying / testing / reviewing.




Available at Sony Retail Stores, for S$129.00.
Comes in blue, black, pink or white with a dedicated docking / transfer cable, manual and spare ear buds in two other sizes.


After using the pink NWZ-273…
I fell in love with it and was momentarily reluctant to part with it (when it was time to return).
Heh, just being a little dramatic.

Here is my take on it:

– Lightweight / Compact. (As per my first impression / first day with it, I checked to ensure it was still on my ears.)
– Fast charge. (I tried the ‘3 min charge for 1 hour usage’ and it worked as said, didn’t miss a minute of music for that hour.)
– Waterproof. (Gave it a rinse after workout, worn it in the rain and still it worked great!)
– Drag and drop. (4Gb space for mp3 with file transfer made easy. Just drag and drop into folder)
– Wearable. (Like a fashion accessory with no messy cables and knots to deal with.)
– In ear earphones /buds. (Simply love that it blocks out most of the loud conversations and noises from bus and train rides. I said most, because there are those who have quite the lung capacity and noise being noise, can be too loud for even the best in-ear earphones.
– Buttons on NWZ-273. (Users can easily fast forward, shuffle or search for favourite tunes with the PLAY /PAUSE, Volume +/-, <<< , >>>, SHUFFLE buttons built on the sides of the NWZ-273. Same goes for ON/OFF and Lock.)

Buttons on NWZ-273
On/Off and Lock

– Dedicated docking / transfer cable. (It comes with a specific dock, which works as the charging cable too. So if you misplace / lose / forgot about it, you can pretty much forget about charging… till you get a new dock/transfer cable.)
– No carrying pouch. (No free carrying pouch but Sony does sell a carrying case for the NWZ-273 at S$19.90)
– ON/OFF. (It takes a little figuring out, to know for sure if it’s ON or OFF, sufficient battery life with the indicator and or you left it running, even when you lock it. I had that problem during my first day of usage, left it on throughout the night)

Dedicated charger / transfer dock cable
NWZ-273 and the charge point (right)
Charging point (gold / yellow connector stripes)


It’s a great compact mp3 player for workouts and fuss free casual listening.
Though on the high side in pricing but it is a ‘no excessive smart phone compatibility’ gadget.

Better battery life and water proof features.

It’s so unlike me or my usual choices but I want one, in pink 🙂
Crossing fingers, it’s on office bday wishlist… lol.

Received it, as wished (since Aug 2013).
Thanks to my lovable colleagues 😀