Thoughts: Turning 30.

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.
– Cary Grant

Half wish it is just turning 30 degree left or right, in terms of angle or coordinates…

But no, heh.

I’m turning 30 in a week’s time and feeling strangely at peace with the idea.
No dread or unhappiness but acknowledging it’s part of life and a necessary phase.

It just doesn’t seem that bad, as compared to dragging my feet and counting down to it, couple of years ago.

On the bright side, I still don’t look my age… a -3 or -5 of actual.
That’s always a bonus πŸ˜›

No major wants or needs at the moment for a wishlist.
Perhaps a good number for the latest BTO, would be nice, heh!

But we are just gonna cross fingers on that πŸ˜›
And just looking forward to a quiet weekend with my special someone.

All that being said or rambled or seeming doesn’t link (as above)…
I’m glad to be here, to go through this next phase of life and for the sake of those who aren’t here anymore.
And thankful to all who provided an opportunity / chance / problem / issue to learn from, work on it and be better.

Especially at work, those I work closely with…
For blogging, companies and PR teams for being nice and sincere, providing information, gadgets to try and events to attend…

And of course, loved ones and friends making life so much more fun, crazy, interesting, weird and bearable.

Thanks… πŸ™‚