News: Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820

Logitech announced the launch of their latest keyboard for Windows, the Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820.

The Logitech® Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820  is a wireless keyboard with a large built-in touchpad that allows to you type and swipe with great ease. Compatible with Windows 8 and 7, it is able to perform up to 13 Windows 8 gestures, making it easy for you to navigate around.

This keyboard is designed to save space and reduce clutter on your work desk as it is ultra-slim, and wireless so there would be more space on your desk for the things you love. You can also be assured of a comfortable typing experience as the key surfaces are made to suit the natural contours of your fingertips. This keyboard is also extremely easy to use, simply plug in the USB receiver and start typing. With both a keyboard and touchpad, this is truly the all-in-one device you would ever need.


Key Features

  • Keyboard with built-in touchpad: This keyboard seamlessly integrates typing, touch and gestures, so that you have everything you need to control and navigate your computer with one device. It’s a new way to navigate, especially when using Windows® 8.
  • Large touch surface: The keyboard’s large, built-in touchpad provides plenty of space to navigate freely and comfortably. The touch area is significantly larger than a laptop touchpad, so your fingers have more room to point, zoom, swipe and even perform up to 13 Windows 8 gestures.
  • Space-saving design: The wireless, ultra-slim design reduces clutter. Thanks to the integrated touchpad, everything you need to navigate your computer is streamlined into one device for your desk.
  • Logitech PerfectStroke™ key system with Incurve™ keys: Type quietly and comfortably with concave key surfaces that complement the natural profile of your fingertips.
  • Logitech Unifying receiver: A tiny Unifying receiver wirelessly connects the keyboard to your computer – just plug it in and start typing.

Recommended retail price is SGD 139.00 and it will be available in Singapore from mid-September 2013.


Details as shared by Logitech and PR team.