News: Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps now available to more countries in Asia Pacific

PlayMemories Camera Apps is the world’s first application download service, that allows you download and install new functions on demand to boost the capabilities of your camera and enhance your digital imaging experience!


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Now available in Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, PlayMemories Camera Apps will be supported by the new NEX-5T interchangeable lens camera as well as the NEX-5R and NEX-6. In these countries, several free apps are available now for download with Sony introducing more free and paid apps services in the future.

Here are a few available free apps and its write-up, on PlayMemories:

1) “Direct Upload” allows for the quick and easy uploading of photos taken with the camera to social networking site Facebook via a Wi-Fi connection. An update to the app, available from 26 September onwards, will also allow for the uploading of photos onto Flickr.

With a variety of in-camera editing tools at one’s disposal, “Photo Retouch” ensures that your photos turn out as good as you want them to be by adding a generous palette of adjustments like brightness, saturation and contrast plus Soft Skin, re-size and other post-shooting effects.

2) “Picture Effect+” expands the range of artistic treatments available in the camera’s standard Picture Effect mode. These include Partial Colour+ which allows for the selection of up to two colours before turning the image into a black and white image for eye-catching accents and Soft High-Key+ that is able to change the ambience of the lighting to give photos a light, airy look.

3) “Smart Remote Control” gives users even greater freedom of control with the camera. This is especially helpful when taking group photos; users can control the camera’s exposure and shutter release using their smartphones or tablets (such as the Xperia™ Smartphone and Xperia™ Tablet). A convenient feature of this app is that the captured shot is automatically sent to the smartphone or tablet for immediate sharing via “Direct Upload”.

Sony plans to update Smart Remote Control to Version 2.0 on 26 September 2013, adding Autofocus control directly from the touchscreen of your linked smartphone or tablet. There is even more power over your image with fingertip adjustments for EV compensation, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. In addition, MF Assist lets you accurately check focus of portraits and macro shots on your phone or tablet’s large screen.


With these additional, downloadable apps to NEX camera series, it will definitely enhance photography experience and include some editing fun!
I feel it would be interesting add-on / bonus, for those who are planning to get the latest NEX camera series (more on the new releases in the next few days / week).

*Grins to the idea of users doing on-the-go editing and selfies direct upload*

But too bad my HX50v isn’t smart enough for additional downloads… *pout*


Details as shared by Sony Singapore and PR team.

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