Photos: Magnum Pleasure Store @ Clarke Quay

We dropped by the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store @ Clarke Quay last weekend, before it shifted off to another location.

Interesting concept, felt more like a full outlet / dessert place.
Very different from the Sydney pop-up store, which was just queue & pay for your own Magnum creation.

I’ll let the photos speak for most of the experience.

– Unique, glittery and of course, non-edible creation for display.

– Magnum Ice-cream sticks pile

– After paying for it (7sgd), you get to choose up to 3 sides / sprinkles.
For more than 3, I’m guessing there will be additional charge but you might want to check with the staff.

– Choice of chocolate coating, Milk / Dark / White.

– My sides selection in a mixer

– Staff sprinkling all over the chocolate coated icecream

– Final look of my personalized Magnum Ice-cream, with hearts candy, mini chocolate balls and oats.

– Friend’s and mine

– Side order, Bailey Magnum Milkshake

– Another side order, Magnum & Tiramisu

– Nicely placed. Carol, FM and mine.


It was a nice pre-dinner treat for us, after an afternoon talk at Nikon Day.
Pretty much the kind of pricing you would see at a dessert place / cafe.

If you missed it and would like to know where it’ll be next… (location announced – Vivocity)
Check out Magnum Singapore’s Facebook page, the detailed info is there 🙂

And it’ll open from 1st September till 30th November 2013.

For more details, check out Magnum Singapore’s Facebook page.

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  1. Great innovation, I really enjoyed the pictures and the concept of making magnum in store. I am not sure if there is something like that in US, or perhaps i am not aware of it. I am a great fan of Magnum and chocolate. My last experience was eating spicy brownies which was a great one by the way.

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