Photo: Dinner @ Paradise Dynasty

We had the chance to try the colored / flavored xiao long bao or colored dumplings from Paradise Dynasty, while at Lot 1 Shopping Mall.

The branch serves mostly noodles dishes, rather tasty and affordable, while a few other mains and some rather interesting sides.

Like its egg white with fish and scallop dish, in the photo. Light and tasty, good with a bowl of rice.

I wasn’t impressed with the colored / flavored dumplings, not as flavorful (eg. Foie Gras and Cheesy) as hope for. Creative but not worth a second or third try, I feel.

Service was prompt and friendly, just a little overly eager to serve / clean up. It would be nice if they ease up or relax a little.

Overall, for 3 bowls of noodles and two sides, it came up to around 68sgd.

That’s around 20sgd per pax after GST. Decent pricing for yummy noodles and service.

For their branch addresses, do refer to the web link below: