Photos: HP Pocket Playlist

Requested to try HP Pocket Playlist review unit a couple of days back after seeing it on HP site.

A 32GB portable entertainment gadget. Which I think is closer to a portable mini HDD connectable via Wifi.

Haven’t got time to test it properly till today…

Here are the stuff in the box:


Main gadget, the Pocket Playlist, with the car charger, multi/switchable head AC adapter charger and its cable.

You can charge it with the pc / laptop as well, using the data cable.

As for transferring of files, simple.
Just drag and drop into the various available folders and it’s done.

The little gadget, is good for multiple mobile phones and tablets (up to 5), connecting to it via Wifi.

Connectivity, is stable.

If you worry about strangers accessing it while you are using, it has WPS for secure connection setting.

The Pocket Playlist is useful for decluttering gadgets and still being able to retrieve / share stuff whenever you go, while not requiring any data connection.

Saving us time, from searching for data or Internet network.

But first…
Users would need to download the app first, app available on iTunes and Google Play, for ease of usage.

App screenshots as followed:





I think it’s a good tech gadget, for me to own, to really declutter my mobile phone and iPad of photos… since I’m not much of a music or movie on-the-go person 🙂

Only wish… that there’s a way to expand its space or have a slightly bigger space but that would probably make it heavier and more expensive.

Current pricing (COMEX price): S$169.


Thanks HP and PR team, for lending me the review unit.