News: Uu 3D Studio brings 3D figurines to Scotts Square!

3D colored figurine printing has gotten much attention since it was announced earlier this year and Uu 3D Studio, is bringing the opportunity of creating your very own 3D figurines, here to Singapore!

These custom figurines mere centimeters tall are brought to life by the latest in 3D scanning and printing technology in this collaborative project by Kinetic Singapore, Mikanbako of Japan and venue sponsor, Scotts Square. The Uu 3D studio will only be open for a limited time, from 21 September to 6 October 2013.

Be among trendsetters and trailblazers such as celebrity hair stylist David Gan, renowned doctor Dr Georgia Lee and fashion director Daniel Boey, to have your very own 3D figurine brought to life by Mikanbako, a specialty 3D imaging studio with the latest 3D printing technology from Japan.


– David Gan


– Dr Georgia Lee

– Daniel Boey


Carolyn Teo, co-founder of Kinetic Singapore says: “Kinetic is a local home grown creative agency that is internationally awarded and recognised in our industry. In order to remain at the forefront, we have to always be on the lookout for new and interesting technological advancements to integrate into our designs and ideas. The 3D printing phenomenon has already spread across Japan, Europe and many parts of the world, and we are excited that we are working with Mikanbako to allow people in Singapore to discover the lifelike figurines and experience the amazing technology at the Uu 3D studio.”

Wataru Hida, CEO of Mikanbako says: “3D printing is a whole new culture and its potential is truly endless and exciting. The future of 3D printing is definitely in capturing and recording memories – imagine taking yearly 3D family portraits instead of photographs!”

Pann Lim, co-founder and creative director of Kinetic Singapore agrees: “There’s nothing quite surreal as looking at a ‘life-like’ figurine of yourself or someone you love. For me, every fold on a shirt or dress on a figurine imortalises the person in that particular space and time.”


As for the process:

In just under 30 minutes (6 scans, 5 minutes each time) , customers will be scanned with cutting-edge equipment by professionals from Mikanbako.


This collated data will then be sent to Mikanbako’s lab in Japan to be processed and printed. Due to the complexity of the technical processes, customers will receive their figurine three to four months from their scan.

Customers may choose from 3 sizes – small (15cm), medium (20cm) or large (25cm).

The price of a 3D custom figurine is as follows:
– Small – S$850
– Medium – S$1,000
– Large – S$1,500


For more information on Uu and how you can get your 3D custom figurine, visit
Uu 3D Custom Figurines Facebook Page:

Uu 3D Studio (Pop-up store) location:
Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, #01-06/07
Singapore 228209

Opening hours:
– 21 September to 06 October 2013
– Daily: 10am – 10pm


For those who were thinking or planning a trip to Japan to get it done, you can now save on flight tickets and still get your ‘mini me’.

I look forward to checking out the pop-up store / studio and hopefully, there’ll be some sample figurines on site for snapshots 🙂

Thanks to Kinetic, for sharing of details and photos.

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