Video: TrueMove Ad – Giving

Thought I should share this, for those who have yet seen it.

I watched it a couple of days ago, while it was being shared on Facebook (and still being shared now).

Not sure if you understood it the same way as I do…
I feel the message it is trying to send across – be kind, show an act of kindness to those around you and the same kind of kindness would be given or paid back, in a different way or time when the need arise.


It comes as no surprise to most who has been to Thailand and/or watched their locally produced ads, which are mostly super creative, funny or tear jerking.

I nearly cried while watching it but was quickly distracted by a mobile game. Heh.

Some commented why we don’t have such touching and locally produced ads.
Is it because of cost or restriction?

Could be both.
After all, this ad is a good 3min or 180sec, that would make it quite expensive and difficult to air on TV channels.
Might only be good for online viewing.


We do have some of such tear jerking ads in Singapore but not as much.
Perhaps just one or two, from the gov ads, or so I could remember.

But of course, it would be nice to have a couple more extremely creative and touching local ads…
For everyone to remember or talk about, in years to come.


I honestly have no idea what’s its actual title but ‘Act of Kindness, Repaid’ seemed like a fitting title.
Post title edited.

(Found the actual title, it’s called Giving as shared by