Photo: Sweet Treats from Krispy Kreme Singapore

Came across a coworker’s photo of their Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts…

I was wondering if they were as lucky as the NUS peeps, who got theirs early from Krispy Kreme Singapore as pre-opening treats.

Surprisingly, I was right 🙂
But I didn’t realized we would get a share of it too!

Compared to the one I tried in KL a couple of years back, that one had a weird oil smell and taste.
The one we just had earlier was much nicer and not overly sweet.

Thanks Krispy Kreme Singapore, for bringing us a yummy Friday treat!
And thanks Christine, for being my photo model 🙂


Krispy Kreme Singapore is / was doing a ‘sneak peek’ aka giveaway before their official launch on 12 October 2013.

Today (27 Sep) is the last day of submission, if you are interested to have them deliver free original glazed doughnuts to your office or school!

Official Link:

If you didn’t managed to submit your details or get chosen, fret not.
You can check out their first outlet in Singapore, opening on 12 October, at Tangs Orchard.