Travel: Transport tips for Sydney, Australia

I know this (post) is extremely late, since my return was 3 months ago…
But… as always, better late than never? 😛


Australia’s transportation system, is by far the most amazing, almost always on time and rather interesting system I’ve been on.

Aside from the comprehensive network of various transportation services, duo level trains, their charges are very different and higher when compared to Singapore.

Instead of tediously calculating how much each trip on bus / train / ferry is going to be for your free & easy trip, I would suggest you get the MyMulti tickets or passes.

What are MyMulti passes:
– transportation passes that allow unlimited travel for the period covered by the ticket on trains, buses, light rail and government ferries services (DayPass/ Zone 1/ Zone 2/ Zone 3)
– Zone mapping can be seen here: 131500 AU
– MyMulti does not include airport link buses / trains trips (separate costs, refer to this link – Airport Link: Sydney / Sydney Airport – Info)
– cost varies from a 01 Adult Daypass at AU$22 to Adult Quarterly at AU$654
– current appearance: paper ticket with the purchase details and end date indicated (as shown below)

As in the photo, I bought the MyMulti Zone1 Weekly ticket which covers most part of central Sydney, e.g CBD area, Sydney Harbour area and etc.
Valid for 7 days, therefore it was more than sufficient for our 05 days in Sydney, since we decided to shelf Blue Mountain tour till next trip.

As for ferries, you will need to check with the ferry terminal information counter, as we did not want to spend more hours waiting or boarding any ferry during this trip.


To assist you in your exploration on public transportation…
Do download TripGo on your smartphone and get a prepaid SIM card at the airport.

Among the few travel apps I downloaded for the trip, it had proved to be the best, saving us loads of waiting time and got us around without issue in Sydney, and even Melbourne.
And I’m keeping it in my iPhone, for future trips in Australia or when they include more countries.

It’s free, with features like – real time bus or train timing, alternative routes and even walking time estimation.

App link:


– as shown on iTunes

Google Play:

– as shown on Google Play


Though short but I hope this will be useful for your upcoming trip 🙂

I’ll try to share the rest soon…
Or… after the Japan trip 😛