News: Sony Announces New Digital Voice Recorder and New Walkman Sports MP3 Players

Late Oct, Sony Singapore introduced a new digital voice recorder, the ICD-UX543F, as well as new and improved Walkman Sports MP3 Players, the NWZ-W274S and NWZ-W273S. These devices are built for work, school, or even when you’re sweating it out in the gym.



The ICD-UX543F voice recorder is the perfect device for recording lectures or when you are preparing the minutes for yesterday’s important board meeting. With an improved design that features a very thin 10.5mm body and an OLED display, the digital voice recorder boasts a built-in memory capacity of 4GB that easily records over 1,000 hours of crystal clear audio while reducing ambient noise.

And for those who demand more, the ICD-UX543F has an expandable microSD slot for memory cards up to 32GB. Its lithium battery provides up to 30 hours of recording and powers up for a full hour of recording with just three minutes of charging, so you never have to worry about not being prepared for a meeting arranged at the last minute ever again.


The ICD-UX543F voice recorder from Sony will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from early November 2013 on and will likely come in 4 colors, as shown in press release.

Like its predecessor / older models, it will be useful for those who’d need to record meetings, interviews or lectures.
As for the pricing, I’m guessing it should be similar to its predecessor, around S$189.00.


NWZ-W274S and NWZ-W273S


The new NWZ-W274S and NWZ-W273S Walkman Sports MP3 Players from Sony are ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

Building on the water-proof NWZ-W270 that was announced in January this year at CES, the new all-in-one digital music players now come with an additional pair of swimming earbuds that prevents water from entering the headphones, hence ensuring that you are listening to your favourite tunes as they are meant to to be heard, even when you’re swimming.

With 8GB and 4GB of storage respectively, they are designed with intuitive controls to easily adjust volume to play, pause or change songs when you’re working out to your favourite music. The MP3 players also offer a convenient quick-charge function where you can enjoy music playback for up to an hour with just 3 minutes of charge time.

On a full charge, they provide up to eight hours of crystal clear sound quality added with deep bass, making your workout routine even more enjoyable.

– NWZ-W274S (8GB)(black or white)

– NWZ-W273S (4GB)(black / blue / pink / white)

The NWZ-W274S comes in black and white, and is currently available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets at a recommended retail price of S$159; while the NWZ-W273S will come in black, white, blue, pink, and orange, and will be available from the end of February 2014 onwards.

For this waterproof series of MP3 headphones, I recommend it for daily or sport usage.

Been using mine since August (received the pink NWZ-273 model for my birthday) and it has been great, no more tangled wires and love the quick recharge and waterproof features (esp. great when it drizzles in Singapore).
But if you are asking if it works great while swimming, I can’t answer you yet as I’ve not put it to that test.

But if you don’t wish to wait till Feb 2014 for the newer model, do check out the current series at Sony retail outlets.


Details and photos as shared by Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.