Gadget: SodaStream Source

Thanks to SodaStream Singapore, I received the elegantly designed white Source review unit on Wednesday.

I love new stuff, be it food or gadgets… and for a kitchen gadget that is creating quite a buzz in the states, definitely a must try for me.
Plus it will be fun creating my very own fizzy drinks and experimenting with available recipes online.


In case you are wondering, the SodaStream series is already available in Singapore.
You can check it out at Tangs VivoCity or get it on their eStore.

As for the review unit I received, it came with a Sodastream 60L Carbonator, Lemon Lime mix and a 1L carbonating bottle (kept nicely hidden in the back of the machine).

– taken with iPhone4s with flash

More on it / review will be out in the next few days or week.
That’s after I figure out how it works (aka read the manual) and will get a few more cordials to make more interesting drinks.

Oh a side note…
I wonder… if anyone tried it with coffee.

Heard from a foodie friend, fizzy coffee is available in supermarkets.
Maybe I should try fizzing a cup of Nescafe Gold.


Do check out this SodaStream’s commercial, as attached below.
IMO, very creative and cheeky, heh.