Thoughts: SodaStream Source

Did a bit of research and found out that SodaStream, has been in business since 1903 and somewhere along the past 100 years, started providing commercial carbonation machines… and came the home carbonating machines. Thus I was wrong in my previous post, it’s not just a recent fad but the company has been around for a looong time, allowing users to have their own drink creations 🙂

The SodaStream Source, is the company’s latest model – redesigned, simplified and pretty much space efficient.
And of course, it is now available in Singapore, at selected stores (details available here).


As shared in previous post, the SodaStream Source was sent to me, along with its carbonating bottle, CO2 canister and a bottle of lemon lime syrup.

Setting up was easy, didn’t take more than 10 minutes – to remove it from the box, go through the manual, screw in the CO2 canister, fill the bottle with water and lock it in place, give it a pump or two, pour in the syrup and shake.

Yes, it’s that easy and relatively safe even for kids to use (but of course with adult supervision, as it’s still a piece of machine).

Slideshow of the Source:


On to the main part..
Here’s my view of it, after two fun weeks.

– Design / Colors:
As said, it’s elegantly designed and could do well as a design piece but still a piece of functional kitchen appliance / machine. It comes in 5 different colors, for users to choose from.

– Ease of use:
It doesn’t require electricity (I checked and even Google-d, just to be sure), no cables or batteries (well perhaps just for the indicator light but its battery will last for years, as confirmed with SodaStream SG), making it possible to have it set up anywhere, be it a kitchen, office pantry or even a small cafe.

– Taste:
If you like sparkling mineral water, like those available in stores in glass bottles aka sparkling water, it tasted exactly the same. The lemon-lime syrup when mixed, tasted almost exactly like Sprite and you’ll be able to control the amount of syrup / the sweetness / taste of your soda.

I tried mixing the sparkling water with coffee, tasted quite off / funny but with Ribena or yuzu tea, rather refreshing and similar to what the restaurants served. My teammates helped with a taste test and out of 8, 7 liked the taste of lemon-lime and found it as closed to Sprite. Only 1 didn’t quite like it, reminded her of a specific medicine’s after taste.

– Cleaning:
No dismantling required, just a nice wipe with a wet towel for any drips. For the carbonating bottle, a normal rinse with dish-washing soap will do.

But do note, do not put the carbonating bottle into a dishwasher, it might damage the BPA carbonating bottle.

– Availability:
It can be used anytime and anywhere, since no electricity required. As for syrups, I counted 16 flavors, on SodaStream Singapore’s FB Page, to choose from and I personally like the lemon-lime syrups.

– Cost saving:
For those who love soda drinks, sparkling juice or water and drink them often, this will likely save you quite a bit on cash. Each CO2 canister allows up to 60L of carbonated drinks and I like my Italian sodas, but it usually cost between S$5 to S$15, so do the maths with how much I save… without breaking the piggy bank.

– Environment:
Users will be cutting down on the need for bottle or canned soda drinks and transportation to bring the items back home.The refills for CO2 canisters, are at a rebate price of S$22/canister (new ones at S$55) if you bring the empty canisters to stores (list of stores here) for recycling.

Might be a little pricey for some, to justify the cost as the set price is around S$250+++ (comes with the Source, CO2 canister and carbonating bottle), the various syrups are priced between S$9.80 to S$14.80 (as seen on Tangs e-store) and additional bottles.

Note: But for the festive period, respective stores will be ‘throwing in’ some free syrups, to sweeten the deal (as confirmed).

Varies for users, on the available syrups. Some love it and some don’t, you’ll have to find the one that taste great to you or get cordials that are available in supermarket.

Some might find bringing down of the canisters for a refill exchange a little tedious. It will be good if there’s a delivery service available, maybe for 3 or more bottles.

I like the SodaStream Source, for its design, simplicity and environmental consideration. Something I would like to have when I have my own place, since mom isn’t very keen on letting me get one now… pfft 😛

Though on the pricey side, it will be a lovely piece to own or give, as a housewarming gift and will be useful for parties and gatherings.
Or for a refreshing drink, on a lazy Sunday afternoon… (like now, heh!)


Many thanks to SodaStream Singapore and Dope Communications, for the review unit loan and details.

If you would like to know more, here are some sites for reading and queries: