Guide: Skullcandy Christmas Gift Guide 2013

As shared by Skullcandy and media friends from SG Story, here are some gift ideas / suggestions for your love ones’ Christmas gift purchasing.


Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening… Yep, it’s that time of year again; time to wrack your brains on what to put under the tree for your loved ones. To make Christmas shopping less stressful, we at Skullcandy have a bunch of awesome cans in new shades that’ll guarantee gigantic grins when they rip off the wrapping paper. Go on! We’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect gift for someone on your list.

For Him:

-> Dad – Navigator Black ($165.90)

Pop’s going to like this. The Navigator is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. This on-ear beauty sports a classic look and fits close to the head, ensuring maximum sartorial credit while he indulges in his favourite rock classics. Use our in-line remote with microphone to round up the family on the phone, or to switch up the track and drink in Freddie Mercury’s amazing vocals.

With quality sound housed in a sleek design, you can tell Dad that this headphone is going to up his street cred.

-> Brother – Hesh 2 Toxic Toon ($108.90)

We never really stop growing up, and that’s what the Toxic Toon Hesh 2 is all about. With its bright yellow ear cups and whimsical doodles, the wearer knows there’s still fun to be had. The conical over-ear housing drives a powerful sound and builds a pure audio experience for any genre of music – though we recommend one that’s congruent with rebellion.

Use the in-line remote with microphone to gather the crew on the phone, or just crank up the track. “Why the Hesh 2 Toxic Toon?” you say. Because, somewhere in every one of us, is a kid that wants to come out to play.

-> Boyfriend – Hesh 2 Real Tree ($108.90)

The Hesh 2 Real Tree’s conical over-ear housing promises powerful sound and a pure audio experience, but delivers way beyond just aural treats. The earthy shades of the ear cups and the arboreal texture of the headband combine the beauty of nature with urban street chic. He’s going to love the looks of envy as he listens to his favourite playlist on his morning commute.

Oh, and you’ll find that in-line remote with microphone very handy: besides switching up the track, it also lets him pick up your calls on the first ring. Fuss free.


For Her

-> Mum – 50/50 Plum/Chrome ($67.90)

With the 50/50, you don’t know what’s more impressive, its performance or style. The conical housing on this in-ear beauty promise to deliver quality sound; while the half polycarbonate, half ABS finish with chrome detailing make it a low-profile beauty that Mum would love to accessorise with.

The in-line remote with microphone lets her make brunch appointments with her girlfriends on-the-go, or just to cue up some relaxing tunes. True to its hybrid nature, the 50/50 is both a pure audio experience and a fashion statement.

-> Sister – Navigator Santa Fe ($165.90)

Your sister is the definition of the spunky, independent girl-next-door that every guy wants to hang with. Let her show off that zest for life through the Navigator Santa Fe. Featuring our custom-built drivers and premium materials, this on-ear beauty delivers an audio experience bigger than itself.

Using our in-line remote with microphone, she can check in with her girlfriends on-the-move, or switch up the track for that extra oomph to energise her day. With a style as sharp and fresh as hers, the Navigator Santa Fe is going to one of the favourite gifts she’ll receive this year.

-> Girlfriend – Hesh 2 Red/Brown Copper ($108.90)

What’s hot, classy and sweet like your girlfriend all at the same time? The Hesh 2 Red/Brown Copper, of course! Delivering sweet melodies in a gorgeous red and brown outfit, these headphones are going to score you major brownie points with your lady. The in-line remote with microphone lets her update you with her schedule for the day, or just to turn up the volume on her favourite tracks.

The conical over-ear housing of the Hesh 2 builds a pure audio experience for any genre of music so there’s no choosing between form and function. If she’s extra affectionate over the festive season, there’s no need to guess why.


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