Photos: Sony QX100

After a week odd of holding on to the Sony QX100 review unit…

I realized this cute little thing is a strange one… easy to use but pack quite a bit of weight and yet pairing with iPhone 4S, iPad mini is almost effortless.

But with my Xperia Z, it simply refuses to pair with any method or workaround used.

Thankfully it finally ‘gave in’ after many mind boggling days and updating the Play Memories app to the very latest version. All thanks to media team for sharing the app details, earlier today.

Enough blabbering on my part.
I’m sure you would wanna see photos…. So, what else could be more fitting than its same brand pairing.

Sony QX100 on Xperia Z:




Write up / thoughts on it soon… as soon as I finished playing with it 😀