Personal: 2013, summarized.

Be it as a fitting ending for a year that will soon past…
Or an obligated random or rambling from me…

It’s time to close 2013, with a longggggg winded post.



Aside from the constant change in teammates / coworkers, work load pretty much increased for everyone. Manageable somehow but of course, we could always do with more assistance / understanding / collaboration with other teams to make it even better. Something we will hopefully be able to establish in the coming months.

I’m sure stable and more happy moments ahead, will be great 🙂
Which hopefully means promotions and pay increments, hahah~


It’s still just a hobby or entertainment for me, not much of earning big bucks or getting sponsorships (unlike some of the more established bloggers out there). I’m just glad to earn a little from advertising banners, to cover some domain costs.

Of course, thanks to awesome friends and PR teams who had helped ‘opened some doors’ / offered opportunities to establish better relationships with various companies, cover events and review products.

It has been a pleasure to work with them. Without them, no drool worthy toys / gadgets for me to play with or opportunities to see artists up close or new locations to check out.

E.g Sony, Blackberry, HP, Dell, SodaStream, Singtel… etc
E.g Liang Court, Asia Style Collection, Uu 3D… etc

Of course, heartfelt thanks to readers, ‘passerbys’ who had offered their time and feedback to posts written.


I feel quite blessed, to have covered a few new destinations for 2013, on top of the usual.

Feb – Bangkok, Thailand (with family)
Mar – Taipei, Taiwan (with family)
Apr – Phuket, Thailand (with BF and Xizor kor)
Aug – Sydney and Melbourne, Australia (with BF)
Nov/Dec – Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan (with BF and  friends)

It was fun researching on the host country, learning to adapt to their weather, food, communications system, transportation network and news.

Had a post trip discussion with the BF to revisit some of the destinations we have been… Can’t wait to return in the near future and adding new ones along the way. Heh.


This year is more of ‘win some, lose some’.

I’m grateful to have met, meet and got close to a great group of friends, who are sincere, helpful and care a great deal. While of course, some which are somehow ‘lost’ due to differences in expectations.

Good to have some friendships flourish and stronger over the past couple of months.
Hope to continue to grow some friendship and meet up with more old friends soon~


We are still  the odd ball family, almost always at odds with each other but still care a great deal when necessary.

Hopefully we’ll get to spend more quality time with each other and with extended families too.
While easing the temper a little more 😛


I will put it this way…
“2013 is awesome, with him and the following years to come, will be even more awesome” 🙂


I learnt quite a bit on listening to my instinct and not just blindly go with the flow. Happy with what I’ve achieved for the past 12 months, not in monetary form but in personal growth and understanding.

And learnt a great deal on what to look out for when getting a flat and renovation works, so hopefully HDB will soon provide us with a good flat and of course, let us get on with the next stage of life aka marriage (which everyone seemed to be asking ‘when ah?’) 😛

Oh felt rather lucky, to have won some cool items from friends’ blog and other sites.
E.g. SKII product and HRH tee from LuxuryHaven and a staycation from Expedia Singapore.


All in all, 2013 was filled with ups and downs…
For work, friendships, travel, blogging and personal growth…

As always, it’s a phase and honestly, a darn good year.

But 2014 could be even better…
Not just for me, but for everyone around!

To all:

Work hard, party hard, take care and…
Have a blessed and awesome 2014!

XinYun (xysg)