Photos: Korean BBQ for 1st Jan

Was tempted by friends’ morning photos of dim sum but craving for Korean BBQ too.

So while driving by Link Hotel to aunt’s place, we spotted the Korean restaurant and decided to try the Blue Garden Korean BBQ buffet, on the first level.

At around 34sgd per pax after tax, it has a good range of buffet items to choose from.

Eg. meat items for BBQ, prawns / crabs, diff types of side dishes / kimchi, seaweed and mix soups / abalone porridge & cooked food.




Tried some of the recommended items from previous diners / food reviews. Glad we tried, the restaurant is rather generous with some of the cooked items ingredients.

Though we walked out smelling like human BBQ, they do provide a spray to ease the smell, hanging by the main door (which we chose not to use and stunk up the car, heh.).

In all, an enjoyable meal, friendly staff, wasn’t crowded and decent range of items 🙂