Thoughts: BlackBerry Z30

Thanks to friend (Victor) for pointing me to the PR team, I recevied a 2 week feel of the BlackBerry Z30.

The BlackBerry Z30, currently has the largest screen size in the BlackBerry series and is running on the latest OS, BB 10. It’s 4G ready, lighter compared to my iPhone 4s and has a decent battery life, which I will share shortly.

– BlackBery Z30, USB cable, USB plug, headphones and manual

– BlackBerry Z30 and Q5


Here is my take on it.

Design: It felt more sturdy when compared to the Z10. The back cover – sleek with carbon fibre weaving, gave it a more premium feel to it.
Speed: No lag whatsoever, scrolling back and fro, opening and working on multiple apps at a go. Awesome.
Screen: 5″ screen size and videos, images displayed vibrantly on its AMOLED panel.
Camera: Compared to the BlackBerry Q5 or iPhone 4s, photos came out rather closer to the iPhone series’ capturing quality.Though not at its best yet, especially in low light, it was still able to produce good photos in bright / daylight condition. With the right light condition, close up / macro shots came out great. Flash was a hit or miss but I’ll share some photos later.
Tethering: As I tend to use tethering a lot for my iPad mini, I found tethering on the Z30 was simple to set up and being able to monitor the usage, allowed better control of my data usage (since we do have limited usage from local telcos).
Multimedia: Good range of image, audio and video formats but the audio quality was the one that impressed me the most, no muffling.
Battery life: I left it sitting on my desk for 3 whole days, while social network notifications were beeping away and occasional email checking before needing to charge it. For heavy usage, such as social network updating / photo taking / email checking, it lasted for 1.5 days or so.

Auto focus: It was quite a pain / took time to get it to focus correctly but shared by other reviewers online, you can use the volume controls for a better focusing / shoot.
Blackberry World: It sometimes doesn’t load right or well for me, not sure if it was a temporary network issue. And well, I’m currently addicted to Crime City, not having it on BB World, didn’t entice excessive usage for me.
Non-removable Battery: As much as I liked the long battery life of the Z30, some users (like me) will be a little put off  as it’s not removable for easy replacement or 3rd party battery, in case there’s a need to.

All in all, it’s a pretty good model from BlackBerry, definitely better than the Z10 (imo).

I enjoyed using the BlackBerry Z30 for it has integrated social networking and work almost flawlessly. Of course, the lasting battery life is very tempting.
But just a suggestion for the BlackBerry team, please add selection/ allowing users to ‘Mark All As Read’ for BlackBerry Hub notifications, on top of the ‘Select More’ feature.

Camera / photography ability, as compared to its other models (Q5 and Z10), is pretty good but still have room for improvement in terms of low light shooting.

I hope by the time I recontract, BlackBerry will have release an even more tempting successor of its Z30.

The BlackBerry Z30 retails at around S$800, without telco contract.


Random photos taken with the Z30, can be found in the following link / album:
BlackBerry Z30 – XYSG

Side note:
Sincere thanks to BlackBerry and Text 100 for loaning me the review unit.