App: Biggest Baddest Parties

There’s a new mobile app in town, to help you gain access to the hottest clubs and parties, help you check out where friends are partying and allowing you to gain reward points for partying!

Biggest Baddest Parties (BBP) is THE PARTY PLATFORM. Available at no charge on iTunes (iOS) and Android stores and the web, BBP connects party goers to parties & clubs. It tells one where the hottest parties are coupled with info on who the attendees at those parties. It affords users privileges such as guest-lists (cover charge waivers), drink rewards and incentives for party rocking.
Biggest Baddest Parties (BBP) would like to invite you to come experience first hand the party revolution that has taken root on our very own shores and fast spreading its revolutionary party wings across borders (BBP becomes available to party goers in Indonesia and Philippines in first quarter 2014).
Party goers you’ve been served. Biggest Baddest Parties has arrived. Join the revolution. – shared by BPP team.


Here are screenshots of the app, how smooth and easy it is to use:

– as seen on iTunes

– log in with FaceBook account, which they will require access to your friends list

– select your favourite club from the list and it’ll earn you once ‘Carrot’ / reward point|

– in app tabs, for each feature.

– Parties tab

It shows all parties happening and available, starting from current date.
By choose ‘GuestList Me!’, it will bring you to the next screen (see below).

– Details of the parties, requirements and no. of people who had are ‘Going’.

– Choose ‘GuestList’ and a screen prompt will appear, informing you the end time of complimentary guestlist (free entry).

– After you have choose / press ‘Add Me’, you are now added to the guest-list and it’ll appear under the app’s ‘My GuestLists’ tab.

– If you decided to change to another club or party, fret not.
To cancel your name on the list, all you need to do is choose / press ‘Cancel GstLst’ on that party, on your ‘My GuestLists’ tab.

– If you remembered, I got a free ‘Carrot’ or reward point for 1-Altitude.

It’ll be reflected under ‘Carrots’ –> ‘Redemption’ tab.
Users who check in more and gain sufficient ‘Carrots’ are able to redeem various rewards, e.g. 01 house pour, shots of the month… etc.


Though I’m not a clubber or party-goer (a geek, as replied to BPP team) to verify how well it works but I do see the appeal, ease and fun in their mobile app.
It’s intuitive, no lag and reflects correct details as per clubs and parties (this i’m able to check / verify).

Imagine not having to queue outside the hottest clubs or parties and be able to enter immediately, while everyone gives you the envious look.
Enjoying the company, music and earning reward points more more drinks.

Not forgetting, not having to put yourself on multiple clubs’ email list (unless you want to), which means less mass sent mails.

Would definitely be fun for those who club or party often.
Do give it a try, after all it’s free with rewards along the way 🙂

Hmm… I’ll keep the app on phone for a while.
Maybe I will use it sometime.



For more details, head over to these links:
Google Play

Details as shared by BBP.
Screenshots by XYSG.